Magda Khalil

Founder - Connect 500
Sydney, Australia

“Like most energetic practices the best testimonials come from that which is experienced. The most effective way for you to understand what this ancient practice can bring to your life is to do them. They are a fantastic form of stress relief and liberating in so many ways.

The Rites for Life are a natural and significant part of my daily life. They equip me to deal with whatever presents. They are free and I can take them anywhere. The accumulative effect has been nothing short of profound. I have transformed physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.  It feels like I have an edge on life.  A clarity of purpose propels me and I have no hesitation in proclaiming an abundance of joy!”

Maria Vladeta

Yoga Teacher -
Sydney, Australia

“After 17 years of teaching yoga I was absolutely astounded by the effectiveness of the Rites for Life. I have long ago given up on the idea of a “magic pill” that will make everything better so I was delighted and surprised to find that The Rites for Life, for me, are just that.

While relatively simple and quick to complete, the results are enormous. I had a long-standing issue with my lower back which vanished within the first week and my strength, positivity and zest for life amplified to new heights. My energy levels have escalated and my students have noticed a distinct positive shift in my classes. Thank you for this wonderful practice that simplifies so many years of experience, deep knowledge and wisdom and makes it accessible to any level.”

Mel Koutchvalis

Photographer -
Sydney, Australia

“Having recently rediscovered the Rites for Life I have experienced an amazing awakening and new awareness, which has expanded me beyond words. It has changed my life.  I highly recommend Anne and her guidance to anyone who is interested in self-development and pure happiness.”

Katherine Bowden

Sales Executive - 
Auckland, New Zealand

“I will be forever grateful to Anne for teaching me the Rites for Life and the continuous mentoring along with my journey.  Practicing these techniques has noticeably increased my energy levels and vitality. They are a solid place to land and at all times a way for me to connect back to myself, no matter how far I feel I have gone. Thanks to this practice, I am real, every morning.”