2 hour session

AUD$300 per session - available by appointment at Anne's Studio in Avalon, Sydney, Australia.

AUD$350 per session -  available in either your home or place of work - including travel

Review international article by the infamous Mark Smith - THE SPA MAN on the experience of an energy session.

Client Testimonial: Anne Lewis provides a One on One healing experience. Through the laying on of hands and gentle physical manipulation, the process unfolds and the body is taken on a journey. This Practice is the refined evolution of a lifetimes' work with energy through tantra, yoga and the breath.

Imagine your body as a transparent vessel of light rippling and shimmering with the vibration of infinitesimal waves. It is an ecstatic experience of whole body energetics and is an invitation to openness and empowerment.

The One on One is an opportunity to feel deeply nurtured and peaceful within your body. The process transcends time and bequeaths a memory of physical and spiritual radiance, opened in such a profound way that the beginning of a new life feels inevitable.

Anne's gentle presence embodies kindness and the non presumptive determination to give something extraordinary.

The sessions involve energy releasing and healing with the laying of hands. Emotional and spiritual counselling is part of the process, along with spinal alignment and nutritional advice.


AUD$150 per hour

Anne offers personal phone coaching sessions.
Phone consultations are AUD$150 per hour

Call  +61 (0) 409 976 075



Anne also offers individual and small group Yoga and Meditation sessions. These are available in her studio by appointment or she can travel to you in most areas of Sydney.

Call  +61 (0) 409 976 075

For bookings and payment transfer details please email