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Rites for Life - 1 Day Course - Mosman


Rites for Life course teaches a profoundly transformational practice, which disciplines the mind and body in preparation for higher states of awareness. The disciplines and techniques allow an actual experience of the interconnectedness and healing of the whole being.

One of the many benefits of these disciplines are, the mind and body are brought into harmony creating a perfect environment for health and well-being. A proven side effect of this enhanced well-being is a slowing of the ageing process for complete regeneration. This regeneration on all levels is not due to any one aspect of the Rites For Life program. The program is a complete science and perfect harmony and well-being are attained when all aspects are practiced. These aspects include specific postures, breath control as well as Relaxation Techniques and Meditation.

The course has been held and taught to thousands worldwide over the past 20 years and participants purport a dramatic shift in the body, mind and emotions. 

The internal system of the body cleanses of cellular toxic build up and re-balances. The external body becomes stronger and toned, realigning the spine and increases the blood flow creating a youthful appearance. The emotions are cleared resulting in a greater capacity for a joy, peace and harmony. The mind empties of habitual stress related thoughts creating a focus and peace which enhances clarity for successful decision making. 

This course has been taught to co-operations for increased productivity and connectivity with co-workers and customers, also to professionals in the health and alternative fields along with individuals who seek improved well-being and awareness. No matter what age, level of fitness or circumstance these profoundly simple tools will effortlessly fit into your life for they only take initially 10 minutes a day to do. 

In essence with the Rites For Life you will start to regenerate on a cellular level and enhance your vitality and energy levels along with a greater awareness and a deeper connection to the love and joy within.  

Join Anne in this transformation course that teaches these simply powerful techniques. She is a published author of the Rites for Life book, a qualified Yoga Teacher Trainer, Energetic Life Coach and has been practicing and teaching these rejuvenating tools for over 20 years.

LEVEL: Suitable for any age or fitness level

DATE & TIME: Sunday 9th April 2017 - 12:00pm-6:30pm

Price -  $380
includes a copy of the Rites for Life Book & CD

Participants will receive a copy of the book with comprehensively illustrated instructions, benefits, philosophy and much more. A healing Chakra visualisation and Meditation CD will also be included.

Please contact Anne on +61 409 976075 or email info@ritesforlife.com