Yoga is an ancient Indian science, which disciplines the mind and body in preparation for higher states of awareness. Yoga allows an actual experience of the interconnectedness of the whole being. One of the benefits of this discipline is the mind and body are brought into harmony creating a perfect environment for health and wellbeing. A proven side effect of this enhanced wellbeing is a slowing or even reversal of the ageing process.

This reversal of the ageing process is not due to any one aspect of Yoga. Yoga is a complete science and perfect harmony and wellbeing will only be attained when all aspects are practised regularly. These aspects include Self-purification, Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breath control), Relaxation Techniques and Meditation.

Self-Purification relates to motives, speech, action and care of the body.

Asanas are postures that increase flexibility, strengthen and tone the muscles, stimulate glandular activity, strengthen the nervous and immune systems, massage the internal organs, lengthen the spine, rejuvenate the skin and purify the blood.

Pranayamas are breathing techniques that expand the lungs, oxygenate the blood, balance the metabolism, help with cellular regeneration, aid in the digestion, create a healthy nervous system, control weight, align us with the energy of the Universe and help calm the mind.

Relaxation will reduce stress, release muscle tension, enhance the immune and nervous systems, relax the mind and allow a profound healing rest on a cellular level.

Meditation is a spiritual practise that brings about peace, joy, love, detachment and the realisation that all is one.

When all these aspects are practised you will start to feel and look younger. When they are mastered you will realise you are and have always been perfect.