Rites for Life is a profoundly healing program that stimulates all the energy centres creating transformation and clearing to all levels of the Being. As an evolution of the Five Tibetan Rites, Rites for Life introduces Three NEW Rites -  a ground breaking and powerfully effective way to complete the practice.

The Five Tibetan Rites were developed many thousands of years ago as a healing and cleansing tool which were passed down through the generations. Today they are tools that are available for our use and benefit. The additional three rites have been developed as a way of expanding on this practise to enjoy further benefits.

Rites for Life consist of 8 simple yogic exercises for practise daily. 

By practising Rites for Life you can:
•   increase energy levels
•   improve health & well-being
•   strengthen the body
•   increase flexibility & endurance
•   slow down the ageing process
•   reduce stress levels & calm the mind
•   discover greater awareness and focus
•   restore passion for life
•   achieve emotional balance
•   encourage healing and regeneration
•   experience joyfulness

Initially the Rites for Life take 5 minutes a day and the completion of the full programme takes 40 minutes after 30 weeks. Practitioners may choose any level to suit individual needs and commitments working at their own pace and still receive the many benefits. Further information and instruction is in the book.

When the body, emotions and mind are in balance, we can have a greater understanding and awareness of our own spiritual nature. It is like peeling away the layers of stress and tension on all levels in order to be in touch with the heart. Regardless of age, sex or level of fitness these tools will undoubtedly enhance your life and wellbeing as it has done for thousands of others.

How can I learn Rites for Life?

The Rites for Life are available through the
Rites for Life Book and Rites for Life Workshops

For further information please Contact Us.